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Aesthetic dentistry

Restoring the function, color and aesthetics of the tooth with ceramic or artistic restorations.

Veneers are ultra-thin ceramic pads (restorations), the most significant achievement in aesthetic and orthopedic dentistry. Veneers — this is the highest aesthetics and reliability, as well as an excellent tool for creating the perfect Hollywood smile.

You should go for ceramic veneers with the following indications:

  • In cases of traumatic damage to the enamel (chips or cracks);
  • In order to correct the shape of the crown part of the tooth;
  • To eliminate defects in the structure of the enamel;
  • With color changes of the tooth (teeth);
  • In cases of demineralization of tooth tissues;
  • To eliminate the diastema or tremma (excessively large spaces between the teeth).

Preparation steps that need to be taken to install the veneers:

  • Examination of the oral cavity. If necessary, medical procedures are carried out.
  • Removal of the outer layer of tooth enamel. This is absolutely harmless and safe, since a very thin ball is removed with a thickness of a tenth of a millimeter.
  • While the ceramic lining is in the process of manufacturing, the patient is "put on" temporary photopolymeric veneers.
  • The fourth final stage is the direct installation of veneers.


  • Accurate imitation of your tooth enamel
  • Structure of a natural tooth
  • Minimal preparation
  • Wide palette of shades
  • Excellent adegesia with living tissues
  • Strength, reliability, durability

Composite restoration(direct veneers) are created from composite materials and do not require the removal of impression, deep turning of teeth and the use of pain medications. Direct veneers – are an excellent option for correcting minor flaws in the dentition. They make it possible to hide the cracks between the teeth, fix the position of individual teeth, restore their integrity in case of chips. This type of restoration can be used after treatment of caries, as well as if the tooth enamel has darkened and can not be whitened. Who want to relatively inexpensively restore their teeth - their price is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of linings made of ceramics.

Stages of installation of direct veneers:

  • Preparation is carried out: the dentist cleans the tooth surface from the plaque with a special circular brush and polishing paste.
  • Together with the patient, the desired shade of the future restoration is selected - using a special color scale.
  • If there are carious cavities in the tooth, treatment is performed before the installation of direct veneers, damaged tissues are drilled and replaced with filling material.
  • If the tooth was previously restored, the old fillings are removed and replaced with new ones.
  • A thin layer of enamel is removed from the front surface of the tooth.
  • The enamel is etched with acid.

Therapeutic dentistry

Treatment of caries, root canals and other defects of teeth and gums.

Therapeutic dentistry dentistry is a complex of measures aimed at treating teeth from caries and other diseases. The main goal of the dentist-therapist is to restore the damaged dental tissues qualitatively and to maintain the healthy as much as possible.

In the JVDental clinic we offer a comprehensive treatment plan and solve the following problems:

  • Treatment of teeth of any complexity
  • Caries treatment and tooth filling
  • Pulpitis and periodontitis
  • Treatment of stomatitis
  • Hypersensitivity of teeth
  • Periodontology
  • Dental Nerve Removal
  • Wedge-shaped defect of enamel
  • Treatment of gums
  • Injuries to teeth
  • Fluroz of teeth
  • Treatment and retreatment of canals
  • Blade-shaped tooth defect
  • Extraction of a foreign body from the canal
  • Hipoplasia and erosion of tooth enamel

Dental treatment under a microscope gives huge advantages in aligning with the usual method of treatment:

  • Safety of intact teeth and tissues due to the accuracy of all dental operations.
  • The quality of treatment of the dentist is significantly increased, since the specialist sees the root canal along its entire length.
  • The accuracy of the manipulations in the root canal is improved, since an increase of 20 times allows to see all irregularities even if the channel diameter is only 1 mm.
  • Reliability. At usual inspection it is not visible microcracks, various сколы, defects of seals and caries at early stages, but with a microscope inspection becomes full and as much as possible authentic.

The specialists of the JVDental clinic guarantee you an effective and safe treatment at fair prices.

Professional hygiene. The most effective way to maintain oral health is regular prevention. In case of constant observance of simple rules, dental treatment can be avoided altogether.

Dental Clinic JVDental carries out prophylaxis of dental caries by means of complex professional hygiene of the oral cavity, which includes the following stages:

  • Ultrasonic tooth extraction and polishing of teeth
  • Removal of tooth deposits and pigments Airflow
  • Polishing of teeth with special paste
  • Teeth treatment by desinsitizer
  • Sealing of fissures

We will help remove the plaque that naturally occurs when eating with dyes, coffee and tea. Remember that you can not remove tartar and surface caries at home, so do not delay with a visit to the dentist and do not lead to the formation of serious diseases.


Complete aesthetic and functional restoration of the tooth or implant with ceramic restorations.

Whole-ceramic crowns.

The main feature of ceramic restorations is their ability to transmit light, which gives them an excellent aesthetic effect. The ceramic crown accurately simulates the natural structure of the tooth, its color and most importantly the transparency.

Crowns are not exposed to pigmentation and bacteria, and also do not absorb odors. They are used as the most aesthetic type of prosthetics, which is able to withstand all the load that falls on the chewing teeth.

The greatest merit of all-ceramic restorations is

  • Minimal tooth preparation
  • Aesthetic naturalness of restoration
  • A reliable fit to your tooth prevents the entry of germs and, accordingly, reduces the risk of caries.
  • Durability - 10 years service life.
  • If the crown is damaged during the mechanical damage, a chip or crack appeared, then the ceramic can be easily restored or polished.

How to Install Ceramic Crowns on Teeth

The main principle of our specialists in the JVDental clinic is maximum preservation of the natural tooth. This is especially important in the installation of metal-free ceramics. We carefully prepare the teeth for the installation of the prosthesis, then we remove the impressions. Porcelain prosthesis is made exactly under the shape of the tooth for a tight fit and then manually applied layers of ceramics to recreate the natural shape, the required size and color. At the second appointment with a doctor, you will have already installed prosthetic teeth on the teeth with the help of adhesive material.

To regain a beautiful smile and a healthy kind of teeth, sign up for a consultation at the JVDental clinic.


Restoration of an absent tooth by implantation of an artificial root made of biocompatible titanium material.

Implantation is the most modern innovative technique for restoring lost teeth. Implantation of the titanium implant allows to restore the missing tooth without harm to neighboring healthy teeth, in contrast to the bridge prosthesis.

5 advantages of implants, which they consider to be the future of dentistry

  • They serve much longer than the crown - 20 years and longer.
  • The installation of the system does not harm neighboring teeth - they are not filed, they are not covered with crowns.
  • It's very easy to get used to them, much faster than to the bridge prosthesis. Literally a day or two after the complete installation of the design, our patients completely forget about the "foreign object" in the mouth.
  • Reduce the load on healthy teeth when chewing: they loosen up and diverge less.
  • Promotes better digestion - food is better chopped and easier to digest.

At the JVDental clinic, we only work with the best and most reliable implant systems.


Teeth alignment. Prophylaxis, correction and correction of an incorrect occlusion at children and adults.

Braces are non-removable orthodontic devices used to correct bite. Wearing a bracket system allows for a relatively short period to eliminate anomalies and defects and, as a result, get even teeth. Bracket systems are designed to correct bite and change the position of the teeth.

Types of bracket systems distinguish

By location:

  • Vestibular (external).
  • Lingual (internal).

By the method of fastening:

  • Ligature. Locked by a lock on the orthodontic arc, which is an elastic ring.
  • Self-ligating (liquefied). Have a groove for the arc, which closes on the latch, built into the braces.

By material:

  • Metallic (there are gold-plated);
  • ceramic;
  • sapphire;
  • plastic.

The installation of braces takes place in 2 stages:

  • Preparatory stage. This stage includes professional cleaning (removal of stone and soft plaque), sanation of teeth (replacement of fillings, treatment of caries) and diagnostics.
  • Bracket system installation. The orthodontist will prepare the enamel, fix the braces, set the arches and give recommendations for care. The procedure lasts about an hour for one jaw. If you need to install on both jaws, then the procedure is divided into two sessions.

Elainers or kapps are the orthodontic removable devices of the latest generation, developed in the USA. They serve to correct the occlusion and have unique characteristics. If you want even teeth, but do not want to wear braces - this is the solution for you!


  • Elainers are colorless and very thin. No one will guess that they are on you. And at this time your teeth will be leveled.
  • It is necessary to wear a kappa for at least 20 hours a day. Observing this rule, you will achieve an effective result.
  • Remove the elainers during meals, rinse with warm water and brush with a normal brush - that's all the care.
  • Adapting to the kappa lasts for 1 day - no speech defects.
  • The material from which the elainers are made is hypoallergenic - it does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.
  • Convenient, unobtrusive and simple - the mouthguards have exclusive advantages over other orthodontic constructs.


Radical method for eliminating the cause of the disease of the patient's teeth and gums.

Tooth extraction

Doctors of the clinic JVDental try to avoid radical measures until the last and keep the patient's "native" tooth. All procedures in the clinic, primarily aimed at restoring the tooth. Complete removal, for our specialists, is the most extreme measure. Surgical operations are performed when the disease is extremely neglected and there is no positive dynamics from the treatment.

In our clinic JVDental performed operations to remove molars of varying complexity.

Painless tooth extraction without pain with PIEZON. We offer surgical operations with a non-contact ultrasound method using a super modern Swiss device Piezon Master. Today, piezosurgery is the most promising direction of dentistry.

The advantages of using the Piezon device are obvious:

  • high accuracy;
  • reduction of operation time;
  • minimal tissue damage, since the incision is minimal;
  • there is an opportunity to conduct operations in places of the oral cavity, which are difficult to access for routine surgery;
  • the operation is bloodless and painless, so after anesthesia there is no puffiness and painful sensations;
  • ultrasound has disinfecting properties, which helps to reduce the recovery time of the patient.

Sinus Lifting

Modern surgical dentistry is aimed at successful surgical manipulation by using a variety of techniques to improve the speedy recovery of bone tissue. One of them is a sine-lifting.

 Sinus-lifting is bone plastic, stimulation of the increase in the volume of bone tissue by raising the mucous membrane of the bottom of the maxillary sinus and replanting the bone-plastic material to create a thickness for implant placement in the region of molars of the upper jaw.

Techniques of the operation

  • Closed sinus lifting - when the height of the bone is not less than 7-8 mm. It is a more gentle method, because the bottom of the sinus moves through the bed of the implant.
  • Open sine lifting - when the height of the bone is less. This is a more invasive operation, when an osteoplastic material is inserted through the hole (window) in the side wall of the sinus.


Clarification of tooth enamel with the help of chemical preparations and special equipment.


Professional teeth whitening by American system Beyond is the safest, effective, painless and innovative method of clarifying tooth enamel from all the existing ones. The method allows you to achieve amazing results without harming the tooth enamel. Progressive technology Бейонд is a recognized leader among hardware systems around the world.

The main advantages of the method:

  • technology allows you to brighten your teeth for 12 shades.
  • The process of bleaching takes only 30-45 minutes;
  • The effectiveness of the method is 30% higher than other technologies of professional bleaching
  • the result is visible immediately and lasts up to 5 years;
  • A special ultraviolet filter minimizes the effect of the device on internal tissues, which is especially important for the increased sensitivity of enamel.

How does Beyond bleaching work:

  • On the scale of shades, the natural color of the patient's teeth is determined.
  • To protect the gums and eliminate uncomfortable sensations, the patient is placed with plastic restraints, cotton rollers, a special paste (liquid cofferdam) is applied to the teeth and soft tissues. Eyes are protected by dark glasses.
  • The teeth are covered with a whitening gel.
  • Turn on the LED-halogen lamp for 8-15 minutes. Under the influence of light, oxygen penetrates into the internal tissues of the tooth and eliminates pigmentation.
  • At the end of the whitening cycle, the machine automatically turns off. The dentist removes the remnants of the gel and applies a new layer of the drug. After that, the procedure is repeated two more times.
  • The result is again checked against the scale of tints.
  • To eliminate heightened sensitivity and further protection, teeth are treated with fluoride varnish.

Magic Smile

Magic Smile - effective and fast teeth photobleaching. Magic Smile – a modern procedure that allows you to become the owner of a snow-white smile after the first procedure.

This technique has many advantages:

  • Gel with a harmless composition. Whitening Magic Smile is carried out with the help of gel, without aggressive hydrogen peroxide. The active ingredient is peroxide carbamide, which provides a soft, effective, safe photobleaching to the teeth. Whitening is painless.
  • Safety lamp. The activator of the chemical reaction of the gel is a special LED lamp.
  • Duration of bleaching. The whole process of preparation and the procedure itself takes no more than 2 hours.
  • Saving the effect. At the very first photo bleaching, Magic Smile achieves an excellent result, which can be stored for longer than a year.
  • Visible effect. A detailed analysis of the shades shows that one bleaching procedure can improve the color of the enamel by 10-12 tones.

Kids dentistry

For the first time, it is advisable for children to visit a dentist at the age of 6 months after birth.

Then you should go to the reception every three months.

The child will get used to the doctor and the clinic, and he will not have panic fear before going to the dentist.

If you bring the baby to the reception regularly, the dentist will be able to detect the disease of the teeth in time and moreover, to prevent it. Moreover, the baby gets acquainted with the rules of oral hygiene, which will help keep your teeth healthy during the growing up phase.

Our dental clinic JVDental uses only the most innovative and advanced methods of pediatric dentistry and offers at your service:

  • Professional advice for your child
  • Dental treatment without pain
  • Professional hygiene and prevention
  • Tooth extraction
  • Fissure sealing

Our specialists are able to find an approach to every kid.



JVDental is a modern dental clinic that performs dental treatment in strict accordance with world standards. We provide a wide range of dental services, applying the most innovative methods of treatment, using only the best materials and highly qualified team of doctors. Over the years, our specialists have acquired a huge international experience, and the quality of services has been brought to the highest level.


Five components of success and our advantages:

  • Powerful team of high qualified specialists
  • First-class diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • The newest methodologies, including the installation of dental implants in various clinical situations, the removal of teeth using Piezon Master, the treatment of canals under a microscope, etc.
  • Professional dental surgeon with more than 15 years of successful experience
  • A complex approach. The work of a hygienist, therapist, implantologist and orthopedist is guaranteed to guarantee an ideal restoration of teeth


The JVDental Clinic employs a highly professional and friendly team whose task is to make every visit of the patient to our dental clinic as comfortable and effective as possible. We are responsible for quality treatment and creating a favorable atmosphere. Our doctors are constantly upgrading their qualifications, visiting the best dental centers around the world, especially in the US and Italy. You can be sure that our experts, based on their long term experience, will offer you only the best, quality and necessary procedures with maximum efficiency and safety.




We solve the dental problems of any complexity.

Dental Clinic JVDental invites everyone who is interested in consulting a dentist. Therapists, orthodontists, hygienists, surgeons and other specialists will help you cope with the problems, keep your teeth healthy and create a Hollywood smile.

We treat using the most up-to-date tooth-preserving techniques, an integrated approach, individual programs taking into account the characteristics of each patient.

It is difficult to overestimate the role played by diagnostics in dentistry. Some methods (for example, visual inspection or sounding) have become so familiar that patients are practically not aware of the importance of their application. In fact, even with the help of these simple manipulations, a number of dental diseases can be diagnosed. Unfortunately, not all problems can be seen with the naked eye. Many dangerous inflammatory processes occur deep in the tissues, it is possible to diagnose only with the help of special equipment. Using a digital X-ray apparatus and a microscope allows you to quickly perform diagnostics of teeth and surrounding tissues.

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